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The company decided to skimp on the quality of its products to boost the profit margin.

She's a professor.

Farouk and Danny meant everything they said.

Marcel Kittel has won the first stage of the Tour de France.

Oskar and Sundar hadn't known each other very long when they got married.

How long can I keep this book?

This bad practice will gradually die out.

Why are we running?

You still have to prove it to me.

You're not actually suggesting that I go out with another girl, are you?

Why don't you give it to him?

Are you still going out with Teruyuki?

I like her cat.

Something went wrong that morning.

I have found it!

He received a book from this man.

Laurianne told Vilhelm she didn't have to worry about John anymore.


Jackye didn't let fear stop him.

Armed forces besieged the city.

The old men like to meet on the street corner just to shoot the bull.

They died after a few months.

Brad isn't the shy boy he used to be.

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Micah plans to return to Boston by bus.

Hillel didn't break any laws.

I looked and looked, but it wasn't there.

I forget where I put my umbrella.

Marcel lacks common sense.


During the Middle Ages, honor was fundamental to the life of the free man and of the Christian man.

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He is the enfant terrible of Hollywood.


Why did they dislike him?


Taro succeeded to his late father's estate.

I can't remember who I gave it to.

I saw them on TV.

They're the cream of the crop.

What do you want me to start on?

I can do that for her.

It was my first kiss.

John didn't see anybody.

The holidays always end all too soon.

The trip was really fun.

Listen to this song, Siping.

I believe in your power.

She's spending too much time watching TV.

The last I heard, Bryce and Maria haven't yet decided where to go on their honeymoon.

She fled for fear of being caught.

Giving up isn't the answer.

Why don't you just talk to them?

Do you like fruit salad?

The policeman called our attention to the danger of pickpockets.

I answered yes.

A seven-sided polygon is typically called a heptagon, but is occasionally referred to as a septagon.

Ethan keeps on asking me for money.

Our class has increased in size.


That bicycle isn't his.

Where the fuck his hand is going?

He stopped short.

Is this safe to eat?

Do alligators lay eggs?

Optimist is another word for idiot.

No, he's not my new boyfriend.

Duke got on the bus.

It's been five years since I last saw you.


That's not the problem here.

Sonja's kindness affected her.

The students applauded.

These boots are from Australia.

Albert shoved some money into Kenneth's hand.

He is sincere in his promises.

Don't try to deceive me.


You asked for my advice, so I'm giving it to you.

Mason doesn't know exactly how to explain it.

The members numbered thirty, all told.


What has she done to you?

I'd like to thank everyone for their support.

She has always done her best to make their life easier.


Please get out.

He made a grave mistake.

He seems like a nice guy.

He will change it.

She likes to play with this lamb.

Jayant seems wise.

I can read.

I have my limits.

The brother is writing.

That's so hard.

Would you guys be ready to?

Please draw water from the well.

Molly isn't good enough for you.

Languages take time and effort to master.

I sent them back home.

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If you had to spontaneously come up with a name, it would be "Wolf".


The policy will only accelerate inflation.

My grandfather founded and my parents developed this company.

You guys have to go.


This is one of the most popular restaurants in Boston.

The political leaders of Europe come together to try to save the euro, and with it the very project of European Union.

I don't speak Bosnian.


The baby's kicking.


Raghu is quite a talker.


How many languages does Charlotte know?

It's a miracle you survived.

Andrea orchestrated a plot to destroy the project.

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Get into your car.


Gideon seemed really sincere.

My stereo set is inferior to yours in sound quality.

Aren't you married?

Are you thinking of going to university?

Ramon slurped his drink.

He asked the president to do something.

We started before sunrise.

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I think I'm ready to leave.

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Peter always makes a mountain out of a molehill.

I'm sure Kenn appreciates everything you've done for him.

Let me stop you right there. We don't want to hear about that.

Her book is very interesting.

Go and call the guests!

The islet resembled a tortoise from afar.

You're gorgeous.


I've always distrusted you.

I think it would be beyond the scope of the bill as it presently exists.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?


Ira hates his parents.


I'm sure Gideon will want to go with us.


If you want to join the club, you must first fill in this application form.

How many Santas are there?

It's time to change.

It seems like you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Alfred and I have been out of touch with each other for a long time.

Use the International Language (Esperanto).

Why would Peter be coming to see you?

Children must obey their parents and parents must obey their employers.

We liked each other right away.


You told Pat that he was fat, didn't you?

We had to agree to total confidentiality and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Ritchey's grandchildren were a source of great pleasure for him.


It's his greatest fault to be too generous.


It'll take too long to explain.

Jem is drunk again.

Accessories were laid out on the shelf for sale.

I kept my promises.

She's my favorite singer.

I achieved all I hoped to do today.

Columbus claimed the Earth was round.


Actually, I'm kind of happy to be leaving.


It was an awful accident.

Luke's worried.

Shut up and get back to work.

I caused this.

I have your tickets.

I was going to try and reason with Novo.

In case you see him, give him my regards.

He bought a bicycle for fifty thousand yen.

We'll be back after this short break.

I don't know what we can do.

When a dog is very hungry, it devours its food.


We struck the wall with our fists.


She was the First Lady.

What is your natural hair color?

I will rest for a few days.


I've been here for an hour.

They're not the problem.

I caught him trying to go out of the room.

Did you go abroad for pleasure or on business?

She must have been gorgeous when she was young.


Perhaps you should get one.